Sunday, November 8, 2009

ASALAM_O_ALEKUM strives to provide both the Muslim and the non-Muslim with correct information about the tenets of Islam. It is our aim to educate our viewers and to show the Truth of Islam, in all its beauty.

Beginning with Adam, the message of Islam ("submission" to the Almighty God) has been propagated throughout time. For example, all of the Prophets mentioned in the Bible are recognized and distinguished in Islam; in fact, Islam is a culmination of the monotheistic religions that came before it. There are many similarities between Islamic practices and the moral practices of other major religions (outlined in the "Compared" section of this site).

If you are Muslim, there are many articles in the various sections to the left, and you are bound to learn something new insha'Allah. We would appreciate suggestions or correction notices by

If you are non-Muslim and need an introduction to Islam,

Educating oneself frees the mind of prejudice and ignorance regarding other cultures and religions. Take some time to learn about the religion of the Muslims, and you too will come to see a Beautiful Islam.

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